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Friday, November 16, 2012

SKYFALL - Official Trailer; SKYFALL Movie Review

 If you are a fan of James Bond and have been for many years, this is the movie for you. This film ushers in 007's 50th Anniversary with a bang ... with many bangs. Furthermore, about half way through the movie, there is the introduction of a certain iconic item or person (I won't tell you which) that will make you very, very happy. It's/his/her part in the movie is beyond satisfying. Whether you see this film in public on the large screen or at home on any sized screen, this is a movie well worth watching. Toward the climax of the film, there is the introduction of an actor with a long history of successful films that gave me that always weird "Huh, I thought he/she was dead" moment but was a very pleasant surprise. Again, I won't tell you. Go see for yourself.

Skyfall also has the unique ability to introduce newcomers to the James Bond world of spies, intrigue, beautiful women, and death very well indeed. I envy the newcomers the opportunity to be introduced to James Bond by the incredibly capable Daniel Craig, who has to be the most lethal of the Bonds, the one who most captures the spy with the license to kill since Sean Connery introduced the movie going public to "Bond, James Bond" 50 years ago.

I won't go into the deep psychological, philosophical, world view analysis of this or any Bond film because for one I'm not an expert in such things and for two ... I really don't care. For me, as a long time Bond fan, the questions are: "Is this actor portraying the famous British spy well?" (YES);  "Does the story line hang together well enough for me not to be distracted by plot holes or implausible story lines and can I keep my disbelief suspended well enough to enjoy the story?" (YES, YES); and "Did I have fun?" (YES, YES, YES!!!)

Skyfall is a wonderful way to celebrate Bond's 50th ... or any year thereafter.

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