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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Manga Bible: Check It Out for Your Teen ...

British comic book artist Siku and script writer Akin have combined their considerable talents to produce a Bible speaking directly to a generation vastly more familiar with the Japanese Manga and Anime iconography than I am. I heard about this Bible on NPR last year (and being an NPR geek, I decided to seek it out). My wife and I checked it out and bought it for our teenage daughter last Christmas. It was a hit. It spoke to her in visuals and language she was comfortable with. She read this complete Bible several times.

A gimmick you grumble ... (and you go on and on tediously like a cranky old man or woman, so stop it alright, you're just embarrassing yourself). Not so, I respond. A condensation for sure, hitting only some of the highlights spanning the 66 books of the Bible, but a vivid one. Further, many of the book highlights presented also offer references to biblical passages in a "Want to know more?" tab. In my humble opinion, this is a wonderful introduction to the Bible for young people ... and not so young people who have open minds and enjoy the comic book style ... who are curious and want to know more. The imagery is vivid and will stick in the imagination. The text is straightforward, getting right to the point. 

Further, in a rough economy, $12.95 isn't much to pay to get the Word into your loved one's hands in a form he or she will actually appreciate. Give it a shot this Christmas or this year. You may need to ask your bookstore to procure a copy for you if you are inclined to support brick and mortar establishments (as I am) or you can go to Amazon and get a copy.

Presented here, in honor of Christmas, is the Manga Bible account the Jesus' birth, beginning in a way I would not have begun, but one that is certainly guaranteed to capture attention. 

Finally, you just aren't going to find cooler representations of biblical characters anywhere, as far as I'm concerned. 

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