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Monday, December 24, 2012

Multi-Angle: Grasshopper 12-Story Test Flight 12/17/12

Welcome to 1950s science fiction rocketry becoming a reality. SpaceX Grasshopper takes a rocket stage to twelve stories and back. In time, SpaceX hopes to have every stage of their rocket land back on a landing pad using a system like this. Notice all those nozzles on the Dragon capsule? Those are the rocket ports for this system designed to bring  a human crew back for a soft landing on a landing pad as well. The real trick to the whole system is that it has to keep under a certain critical weight that makes it all cost effective. Quite a stunt. Only time will tell if SpaceX can build those rockets that land upright on the pad after deorbiting from space like we saw in all those 1950s films. Now, they only need to add those large, pointy tipped fins for the rockets to land on.

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