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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

White Flour: Clownish Joy Overcoming Hatred

 Here's the power of humor and love over hatred and violence. A little clowning goes a long, long way. Remember, it was only the court jester (if he was very good at his job) who could tell the king that what he proposed was foolish at best. Truth to power through humor. Here's a small piece of an article entitled "Joy in Evangelism" that appeared in Witness magazine in 2009 and puts things into perspective for Christians today:

Jesus Christ has been called by some twentieth century scholars, in admiration, the greatest fool of all and has been equated with a clown. This may sound blasphemous at first glance; however, these scholars assert that like the clown, and especially the medieval court jester, Jesus refused to be restrained by the traditions or customs of his day. Like that court jester, Jesus also spoke out against those truly foolish customs, traditions, and behaviors to which we are prone. In an age when his people were under military occupation and seeking a conquering king as their Messiah, Jesus taught that one must follow a path of peace, turning the other cheek rather than striking back. In a materialistic age, Jesus told his followers they must stop worrying about personal possessions. While others of his day treated women as possessions and objects, Jesus raised women up as equals. In an era that sneered at the poor and the outcast, Jesus sided with these denigrated peoples and asserted that they are the true salt of the earth and light of the world, quite foolishly according to common wisdom. 

So, go out and play the fool for peace, the clown for justice, and the gentle wit for all who need our help. You may be surprised how much you accomplish.

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