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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sometimes Having No Easy Answer Is a Good Thing ...: Good News From Christianity

Not having an intellectually satisfying answer to one of life's most vexing questions, "If there is a loving God, why is there evil in the world?" and any of it's myriad permutations, proves to be a very good thing.

Brian D. McLaren writer in his book Naked Spirituality
“…we are in some sense better off not having satisfying answers to vexing intellectual questions about why suffering, evil, and pain exist in the world. If we can say, “Oh, there’s a clear reason for this,” we can remain aloof, safe in the cool and lofty realm of impersonal logic in relation to human suffering. We can explain instead of empathize, theorize instead of pray, and answer instead of act. But in the absence of a satisfying logical explanation for human suffering, we must descend from our brains into our hearts and respond to the suffering of others with tears and action, not just words and more words.”
So, in this case, don't chase after answers. Respond to others who suffer instead, and hope that they will do the same for you when it is your turn for pain. I think McLaren's declaration in the face of this logical deficit is a wonderful way to live life in this often difficult world: 
“For a fellow creature to be in pain and without help in God’s universe is simply unacceptable to both God and me. So I will go in between the two. I will grasp the hand of God with one hand and grasp the hand of my neighbor in pain with the other. I will join God in willing comfort, blessing, peace, and grace for my sister or brother in need.”
Will you reach out your hand today?

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