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Friday, February 8, 2013

Kepler Discovery: Earth-like Planets Populate Red Dwarf Stars

 The news just keeps getting better and better. Now we can find earth-like planets (potentially so) around the most common stars in our galaxy. That increases the chances of finding such real estate dramatically. In fact, these diminutive stars (by star standards, still pretty big on the human scale) outnumber any others in the galaxy. They also last a very long time. According to my friends at Universe Today, you could end up with an earth-like planet that has been developing life for the past ten billion years! Also, given that red dwarfs make up 75% of the stars in our galaxy, that gives us the potential for some 4,500,000,000 Earth-like exoplanets around red dwarfs alone. Thanks to Kepler for this fascinating information ... and to Universe Today for bringing it to my attention. For the full Universe Today article, see:

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