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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fast or Slow Zombies: Which Do YOU Prefer???

At lunch the other day, the burning issue came up, which movie zombies were preferred in the future apocalypse, the slow George Romero type Night of the Living Dead walking dead or the Dan O'Bannon The Return of the Living Dead speedy zombies that can chase you down.

In our very unscientific survey ... George Romero's slow zombies, those walking, staggering dead were by far preferred to the Dan O'Bannon fast zombies. We'll take our apocalypse slow, thank you very much. Further, we preferred it amusing with much praise for flicks like Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland (even though in Zombieland, the dead did shamble) over the more frightening fare.

All of us were in agreement, the infected humans in 28 Days Later were absolutely not preferred and were incredibly creepy, more so than we wanted to view again. From the video game world, they reminded at least me of the speedy dead from Ravensholm in the Half Life game series (ugh). Where's my sawed off shotgun?

So there it is, completely random and way too small a sample size to be significant ... but give my lunch crowd zombies slow, staggering, in large groups ... and amusing if you can.

Needless to say, we look at Mark Foster's rendition of Max Brooks' novel, World War Z, with suspicion and trepidation. Fast zombies for sure! Ugh!!!

So, what say you out there? Fast or slow ... humorous or serious? What do you prefer???

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