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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Public Presentations via iPad: Two Considerations

I was delivering a sermon last Sunday using my iPad and the Pages program. I made a discovery as I made my way through the text, scrolling up the screen with my finger as needed. If you let your finger linger a moment too long on the iPad's screen, a little teardrop shaped icon will appear with what appears to be a lens in it showing you the pages and a small square with page numbers in it. This device allows you to hop forward pages at a time. All very convenient if intended ... however, when called into action unintentionally and then your finger twitches forward just slightly in your surprise, you may jump forward one or more pages at a time. This leaves you the presenter to vamp while you scroll back to your original position and continue, making some feeble technology joke as you go.

A friend of mine in the business says you can also pick up projectors that will link directly to your iPad, no intermediary devices necessary. Quite convenient for using Keynote I'd imagine, although he tells me the feature has limits on what it can transfer and project (static images and text but not video clips).

This friend is also an IT expert who suggests that a few years down the road, you'll be able to stream presentation notes and graphics to everyone in the audience to enhance your talk. It's a brave new world out there for those with imagination.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot, get yourself a free stopwatch app (there are several different styles to choose from) if you have to make presentations of certain limits (mine are 20 minutes in most cases). You can run it in the background and check on how you're doing time-wise after you practice the presentation. A very useful feature for those of us working ... and delivering ... on a deadline.

For more on using the iPad and its many apps for public speaking:

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Russell Smith said...

I've been using one of the telepromter programs on my tablet while preaching. It works well for me, but I can see where manual control might work better for others.
I suspect the implementation of sharing notes with others is coming very soon. (In fact you can already put them up on Google Drive, but it's not seamless for people to get them.)
I can see some other side-concepts as well. Sharing the presentation with other devices in sync with the speaker would help the visually impaired, for instance.

J.S. Brooks said...

Thanks for the input Russell. I find it fascinating to see how others are implementing this technology. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of exciting new uses for these devices in worship coming down the road. Still, it's going to feel strange looking out from the pulpit and seeing so many people focused on their devices rather than the pastor. You'll never know if they're looking at your notes or playing Angry Birds with the sound off.