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Friday, May 3, 2013

Learning to Be Kind to Myself from My Kids

Watching how my kids use their time has taught me to be kinder to myself. I've noticed that when my children had a spare few minutes while they were waiting for the next thing in their lives to happen (the arrival of the ride to school, the voice lesson, the ball game, whatever), they tended to find something enjoyable to do to occupy those few minutes wait. They did not sit there with idle minutes doing nothing. A small fragment of a game was played, a few lines of a favorite book were read, a short YouTube video was watched, a few stitches of crochet were made, friends were communicated with via various technologies ... and on and on. I was startled when I realized they were being far kinder to themselves with all these little enrichments of the in between times than I ever was.

So, I experimented. I arrived at the eye doctors a little ahead of time. The day was beautiful and warm ... the perfect spring day the poets all swoon over. There was a small park close by. Instead of sitting in the waiting room, I headed to the park. I walked among the soft grass, blossoming flowers, and leafing trees. I explored a raised boardwalk through a small woods. I enjoyed the sunlight and shadow. I was kind to myself, giving myself a refreshing taste of nature before returning to the doctor's office and then my own. I was uplifted and relaxed.

Thanks, kids, for showing me something truly important.

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