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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Telling a Story Can Be More Convincing than Facts and Figures

In the ridiculously polarized age in which we now live, facts and figures are thrown around with wild abandon (some much more factual than others) and yet have about as much impact as a snowball thrown in the corridors of hell. With the whole postmodern idea that there are only individual truths and each person carries their own around in their back pocket (a sure way to unravel cultures since cultures are based on mutually agreed upon "truths"), facts make little impression. The common and annoying response to an unwanted fact these days is "Well, that's YOUR opinion."

So, never mind the facts and figures.  Use personal story instead. Take the subject under discussion and tell people the personal impact it has had upon your own life. Show them with engaging personal illustration how powerful whatever it is has been in your life. That way you gain people's interest (everyone loves a good story) and avoid the knee jerk "That's your opinion" response. It's not an opinion, it's a story about your life. It's personal, it's engaging, it's powerful. The only caveat is, make it a story suitable for public consumption. Don't be coughing up information so personal another person (especially a stranger) shouldn't have it.

Use this to avoid the blood pressure raising Point Counterpoint circular debate that serves no purpose if you're not paid to engage in it. You might even make an impression on someone and get them to actually listen rather than taking notes on what arguments they'll make to counter your arguments. All in all, you might actually have a pleasant exchange. Your story might prompt the other person to tell a story of their own and together you might approach some kind of actual truth and genuine appreciation of your two divergent perspectives. Who knows???

Give it a try. And now, this is my story (no not an actual story to engage in some topic although a story example would be appropriate here) as to why you'll not be hearing much from me for a while. I'm on a tight time crunch at work this month. Long hours, tight deadlines, much pressure. That leads to few blog opportunities. I'll see you all on the other side. Peace!

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