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Thursday, June 27, 2013

CO2: The Critical Issue: A Friend's Efforts to Clarify Climate Change

 I want to take a moment to support my friend Dick Whiteford and his efforts to communicate the dangers of globally tinkering with Mother Nature to the extent humanity continues to do so. He's taking his concern for our planet and getting active in a variety of ways: conventions, conferences, protests, lectures given, and a video series. You can find more of what he has done at: Perhaps you'll be inspired to take action, too.

After the recent unsettled weather here, I'm paying closer attention. Yes, I understand that no one weather event points to global warming, but the trend and the science do. I'd rather we take heed, work to stabilize our climate and reduce our emissions now than face even more forceful storms to come. We were lucky only to lose trees in the microburst that hit us recently. Next time lives could be at stake. See:

Oh, by the way, Dick also had a long, early history in the music industry. He's also placed a lot of videos on his site from great musicians well worth your time listening to and enjoying.

Keep up the good work Dick!

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