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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Creating Special Purpose YouTube Sites

Recently I needed to deliver a couple of videos to a group for their review. I mulled over a variety of delivery systems and settled on creating a YouTube site dedicated to the task. This turned out the be remarkably simple.

When you ask the create the account, you will be asked to fill in some very basic information. 

YouTube at this point provides you with a brand new, shiny gmail account dedicated solely to your new site. 

Once the basic site is established, take the few minutes necessary to add your own channel so you have a place to upload videos to. This is essential. If you are in a rush and just start uploading without a channel, the file will go through some of the motions of uploading without ever actually doing so. Take a minute to read the offered tutorial about creating your channel so you get it right.

There is a feature offered here that I found a great improvement since I set up my first YouTube site a couple years ago. At that point you needed about ten short videos on the site before they'd offer you more than 15 minutes per video. Now, once you have proven you have control of your site by offering YouTube a phone number to call or text and give you a verification number, you will instantly be able to place videos longer than 15 minutes. This is very handy for public speakers who need to upload their work for others to see. 

Once you've successfully created your channel, when you now try to upload videos, they will appear on a screen complete with information for you to fill in while the upload is in progress, including a description of the video and tags for it. When you see those things, you know you've done it right. 

An additional bonus will be that once you have the site up, you'll know when the team has visited you, especially if you list the videos as private, with only those you give the address to able to view your offerings. 

For converting videos from the .MOV format used in the less widely distributed QuickTime format to .WMV, which is used in the widely distributed Windows Media Player, see:

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