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Monday, July 8, 2013

Grasshopper 325m Test | Single Camera (Hexacopter)

 SpaceX takes another big hop forward with their Grasshopper test, topping 1,000 feet up and back with a smooth, solid landing at the end. The improved performance is thanks to a new navigation sensor that tells the returning rocket more about the ground it is approaching. The ultimate goal is to have a SpaceX rocket that is completely reusable from crew capsule down, making rocketry and crewed spaceflight much more economical ... not to mention oh so 1950s/'60s sci-fi, which some of us can appreciate.

This is a big deal as in the four months of testing, no previous Grasshopper has topped 300 feet. Looking forward to the test that takes the Grasshopper to space and back. Looking forward to seeing a crew capable Dragon capsule return to a landing pad on pillars of fire as well, instead of a water landing with parachutes (which the first will be). Exciting events to come ...

For more on SpaceX crew capable Dragon, see:

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