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Thursday, July 18, 2013

X-Minus One Radio Episode "Skulking Permit" Remains Relevant

X-Minus One was a radio science-fiction drama show that was on the air from 1955 to 1958. You can catch up with these old episodes on the Internet Archive. Some big names had their work appear on X-Minus One. The episode that caught my attention was "Skulking Permit." Give it a listen and come back:

Did you enjoy that episode? Good science fiction reflects the concerns and issues of the time in which it was written. However, this episode has a timeless quality. What particularly struck me was the fact (and I won't be giving much away if you haven't yet listened to the episode) that the representatives of Imperial Earth, visiting a pastoral colony world trying hard to masquerade as "civilized" based on an old book in their library, felt threatened because a certain aspect of that very peaceful colony just might be catching. Panic ensues.

I can think of at least one situation in which certain elements of our society think, falsely, that an aspect of another element of society just might be catching and they are panicked. Their response is a little different from the representatives from afar in that they can't climb into a waiting rocket ship to escape, but I bet they would if they could ... or they'd force the other element of society to emigrate. It seems some things never change ... especially human nature.

I also get a kick out of listening to old 1950s radio sci-fi dramas on my own computer or tablet, a device that is definitely from the world of tomorrow.

As intended, this science fiction, as all really good science fiction does, makes me reflect on life as it is today and as it could be tomorrow. I'm hoping that certain aspect of that pastoral colony world one day does rub off on the rest of us. It would be nice if it were catching and dangerously infectious (and no it wouldn't lead to the zombie apocalypse). 

You'll also find at least one work by this sci-fi author available on X-Minus One:

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