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Friday, August 16, 2013

Bikers Against Child Abuse

I heard this story on StoryCorps this morning on NPR. I'm in a lot of pain right now, both physical and emotional. The day after we left from our son's wonderful wedding, I developed an upper respiratory tract infection and a senior member of the family was struck down by a stroke that is a terminal event. So, I'll take what uplift I can find from any source ... and this morning it was the following story about the international organization Bikers Against Child Abuse.

Please listen:

These bikers say they are scarier that any adult and are willing to come to the aid of any abused child to "break the chains of child abuse." Children are recommended to them by referring agencies or individuals. These dedicated bikers help children who fear that further abuse will be part of their lives. These children are made part of the organization and understand their fellow members will come to their aid and stand against the abuser with that child.

For more information, please see:

The organization's motto is "No child deserves to live in fear." They are working hard to make that belief a reality. It lifts my spirits to know they are at work.

My faith informs me that humanity is good as all of creation is good. God made us that way. At times we lose our way, we become sick and twisted when we succumb to evil, we fail to follow the great commandment to love others as God loves us, we become agents of evil. I use the royal "we" here, not accusing you dear reader of evil, let me assure you. I will never be a cynic. I will never succumb to despair, despite even my current pain. Organizations like this one help me keep that faith that down deep humanity is good, as humanity was intended by a loving, merciful, grace-filled God. Now, if each of us could find a way to be a light in the darkness for someone else, like the members of this organization do, what might we accomplish together? Together we could all do great things.

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