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Friday, August 30, 2013

Tunein Radio: Further Exploring the Power in Your Tablet and Smartphone: 5 Minute Response

I've been able to check the Tunein Radio App further on my iPad. I'm hooked. That's the short and sweet of it. With over 70,000 stations worldwide and a huge number of podcasts at your fingertips and earbuds, it's sweet. Here's two examples.

In the sports department, I just caught up with my favorite football team's preseason with a few wrap up broadcasts. I found out they kicked butt and took names all through the preseason, in game 3 winning 30 to 7! Now, the season opener is against the local boys and, for suspense, the power house quarterback injured last season seriously when the coach boneheadedly kept him in the game playing a little bit injured for FAR TOO LONG may return as the starter! This I discovered through the Tunein Radio Search engine.

Browsing by genre, I found under Sci-Fi  and found the Slice of Scifi show with all sorts of goodies for the sci-fi geek like me, including episode titles such as "JJ Abrams gets Stranger," "UFO Road Trip," "Cows in Space," ... and on and on.

Highly recommend the app for whatever smart system you use. For a small monthly fee, you can upgrade to a version that allows you to record your favorite shows for future play.

My 5 minutes are up!

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