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Friday, September 6, 2013

Thought Provoking Short Film and Post about the Syrian Situation

I'm sending you away today, dear readers. I'm under the ticking thirty minute clock and find myself with little to say this morning. So, rather than give you some puff piece, I'll let others do the speaking for me right now.

At NPR, you'll find a short, thought provoking film about how seriously all pervasive the cell phone has become in our lives. You might not like what you see. It hits pretty close to home. I'm glad it was phones and not iPads! Go see, and come back:

The second place I'm sending you is to a post appearing in the Red Letter Christian site by the "new monastic" Shane Claiborne. It is his take on the situation with Syria and what we as a nation should, and shouldn't, do about it. You'll find his article at:

Both are worth your time and consideration. With any luck, I'll be back in form tomorrow.

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