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Friday, October 18, 2013

Gerrymandering Denies Congress Access to Broader Truth

In the House of Representatives in the U.S. Congress, the strategy of gerrymandering is denying Congresspersons access to a broader perspective ... and I'd assert ... to access to the truth. Take the districts of Tea Party conservatives as an example. Their districts are more full of twists and turns than a backwoods mountain road. From what I've read recently, those contorted districts are designed specifically to keep such members in power. All the zigs and zags, twists and turns are designed to create districts in which the population is far whiter, far less well ... hmmm, how to put this politely ... educated, far less urban, and far more likely to get all their news from various far right news outlets. In those districts, Mitt Romney won the election by a landslide. So, when a Congressperson from such a district says, "I have heard from the American people!" or "I am following the will of the majority of the American people." well, it just isn't true. They have heard from the bizarre echo chamber of their own ideas reflected back to them by a populace who represent a very small portion of America. That portion of America that appears to assume (if I misrepresent here, I apologize) it's okay to stand out in front of the White House where the first African-American president resides waving a Confederate flag. Now, at the end of the fiasco that was the government shutdown, which cost you and me fellow taxpayers roughly $24 billion, 144 members of the GOP voted to leave the government shut down and continue to rack up an ever higher bill, continued to be fine with the suffering inflicted upon government employees and contractors, and continued to want to deny sick and suffering people health care across the nation. I'm sure they heard from their constituents in their twisty, turny districts that this was a fine thing. They'll tell you that "America spoke and they responded."

Well, Congresspeople who keep their seats with gerrymandered districts, ask your colleagues on the Senate side (well, maybe not all of them ... Ted Cruz might not be a wise choice, for example) who have to run in statewide elections and hear from a far less cherry picked crowd whether you heard from America. I think you might hear a different story.

So, for everyone who finds themselves at odds with "leaders" in Washington, D.C., leaders who would rather fight ideological battles among themselves rather than guide a nation ... or with those Congresspersons who enable such destructive folks by not standing up to them when they pitch their hissy fits, I'd ask you to write to them and give them a broader perspective than the twisted one they receive from their own districts. To find any Congressperson, use this site:

If that representative requires your full Zip Code to contact him or her, use this site to obtain that number::!input.action 

In this day and age, we really can't afford to let our leaders view the world through the heavily distorted lens of the gerrymandered district. I would say it is our duty as citizens to do otherwise. 

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