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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Get That Flu Shot! The 5 Minute Response

Get the flu shot while the shots are available. With the children in Washington, D.C. refusing to act like the adult leaders they are supposed to be, and instead standing around raising tantrums and deeming themselves and their gym essential personnel and facilities while the real workers in the government struggle to make ends meet while booted off their jobs, there may be a hitch down the road in getting those shots. If you can get one, get it. You especially need to do so if you have any sort of chronic (long term) condition, such as asthma, or you get recurrent conditions such as bronchitis or sinusitis. You have a compromised immune system and the flu can do you much greater harm. You don't have to be old to have such conditions either. So, get the shot.

The myths about the flu shots today are false. You can't get the flu from the shot. These days it uses dead viruses your immune system learns to recognize and fight but that can't make you sick. As I stated before, your age is no guarantee you won't get sick. Do it for others if that's what motivates you. If you come down with the flu, you'll get others in your family, your office, your church, your gym, and elsewhere sick before you go home to your bed as a quivering mass of misery.

Not convinced? Okay, let me tell you what happened to me back in the George W. Bush years. During one of those years flu shots were hard to come by. The President asked anyone who wasn't elderly, very young, and who was healthy to leave the shots for those less fortunate. I didn't get a shot. One of our children came down with the flu. I got it. I had what one of my doctors called a "cascade." I got the flu, which turned into sinusitis, which morphed into a massive ear infection, the first of my life. The pain was horrible and relentless. While much pain comes in waves, ear infections only keep rising in the level of agony. I was medicated. The pain went away. Then the right side of my face froze. The nerves running through the ear canal (an open topped U shaped canal rather than an entirely closed on, lucky me) were pinched by the infection. I was hospitalized for two and a half days and had a stint put in my ear ... after receiving 6 pain killing shots before it could be implanted in that very irritated ear drum. With four intravenous antibiotics coursing through my veins I did recover in time quite fully. It all might have been avoided if I'd had the shot that year.

Once again, if you can get the flu shot this year, get it! That's the 5 minute response. 

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