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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ominous Fortune Makes for Fiction Fodder: The Five Minute Response

The other night I received this fortune in my fortune cookie. No past, no future, only today? It sounds ominous, almost threatening in some vague way. To me, this fortune sounds like the beginnings of a science fiction or horror story.

The hero or heroine receives this fortune while in a public restaurant on earth or elsewhere depending on the tale, laughs at it, thinks about something witty her or his mother or father would have said in response. The smile freezes on our hero/heroine's face as he/she realizes the response of the parent just won't come from memory, nor that parents face ... and the story begins.

Strange what you find in a fortune cookie these days.

That's the five minute response.

This isn't my first unusual experience with fortune cookies as you'll see in:

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