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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Protect Your Image: Avoid Victimization through Revenge Porn

The story on the drive home was disturbing. A woman was forced to quit her job when her ex-husband decided to lash out at her, using nude photos of her taken when they were married to exact his revenge for their divorce. He posted her images, along with her work address, her boss's name, and her colleagues' email addresses, on the Internet in an act of "revenge porn."

Let this story be a cautionary tale. In the age of digital photography and digital video, when any picture can be taken, no matter how disturbing or wrong, without threat of censure (you see in the old days you had to have "film" removed from a camera and developed by a company with a lab, and individuals in such companies could report you to the police ... and would ... if you tried to have pornographic images developed), too many people are placing potential instruments of social status and privacy destruction into each others' hands. As a result, people once loved with whom X rated images have been shared, when spurned, are suddenly carrying digital weapons to wield against you if they are bereft of morals and filled with hate. As was brought up in the story, if you give someone such photos or allow them to take such compromising images of you, they are the owners of those images and can do with them whatever they please. When love dies, reason often flees the scene. "Revenge porn" is apparently on the rise as a result. There is no legal recourse against an aggrieved ex using their property in this way in most places, with the exception of California.

The moral of this story in an age when our very concept of privacy is eroding in the face of the ever expanding digital revolution is ... NEVER, EVER allow yourself to be photographed or videoed in the nude. Never "sext" anyone (we have some politicians who learned that the hard way now don't we)! Keep tight reign on your image. Your privacy is a valuable and fragile commodity today. Don't give it away and hope that no harm will come to you later. Don't bet on the moral fiber of anyone who wants to take such pictures or videos of you in the first place. Don't trust that when the chips are down and the relationship ends, such an individual will destroy those nude photos and sex videos out of the goodness of their heart or a sense of moral obligation. Don't set yourself up for future humiliation and perhaps even the endangerment of your life.

In the story related, the ex-husband went way too far. He posted too much too often and was arrested for sexual stalking. Had he possessed a little more restraint, and provided he didn't reside in California, the victim would never have had any recourse against him. Don't be the next victim. Protect your image and your privacy.  

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