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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Republican House Holds America Hostage to Cater to Party Fringe: Damage Done & How to Respond

Normally I wouldn't venture into the never very useful world of national politics in a blog post; however, this issue is simply too important not to speak out against it. I had a friend ask me why I speak up on things like this in a platform as small as Facebook. The reason is simple. With the giant propaganda machines arrayed against us and masquerading as news outlets, we all need to speak up in every way we can against those things we find morally offensive. This is one of those situations where the actions of some have become so utterly offensive, so morally aberrant, that we need to speak up in every vehicle available to us. My hope here is that if you feel the way I feel, you'll share this blog post with others and then act on the hyperlinks you find at the bottom of this page.

Last night at midnight, the Republican controlled House of Representatives caved to the far right extremists in their ranks, the Tea Party anarchists, and allowed the government to fold rather than pass necessary legislation to keep the government running. They attempted to hold the nation hostage because they don't like a program properly debated and passed in their own body and in the Senate and found constitutional by the Supreme Court. They refuse to believe that providing affordable health care insurance for many suffering souls is the right thing to do. That is a stance I find morally reprehensible and antithetical to a nation that claims to follow Christian precepts. I won't even go into their loathsome behavior, trying to balance part of the budget on the backs of Americans who do not have enough to eat. I can say this. I will never vote for any politician this morally bankrupt. I will never support a party that finds this behavior acceptable.

Here's what the behavior of the House of Representatives is now going to cost US with their totally unnecessary government shutdown: 

  • A one week shutdown will cost the shaky economy about $10 billion ... just one week (and these are the same folks who want to cut aid to hungry Americans to try to balance the budget, what obscene nonsense). Remember, the US government is the nation's largest employer. During that time, our members of Congress, deemed "essential personnel" by ... well, members of Congress, will continue to receive their $174,000 a year salaries while average working Joes and Josephines in the government considered less than essential (but without whom most government functions will grind to a halt) will suffer from withheld pay. I wonder how their essential service providers and creditors will feel about that. Do you suppose those folks will be lenient with them when the bills come due and their checks don't. Yeah, me neither. All the while, our Congress people and Senators will feel no financial pain (and that really is at the heart of the matter isn't it?). 
  • Services providing healthy meals for 2.5 million seniors will lose funding. Sorry guys, guess you'll just have to tighten your belts a bit and go hungry. I know your representatives won't. 
  • An extended shutdown (and do you see the behavior of the Republicans in Congress allowing this to be short?!) will cut into veterans' compensation, pension, and education benefits. Sorry guys, you may have put your lives at risk in defense of your nation, but your representatives really don't care. They just want what they want, not matter what, thanks to their Tea Party radical fringe. Personally, I find that obscene and know you deserve far better for your valiant service. 
  • In an extended shutdown, mothers and young children may be cut off from vital nutrition assistance.
  • Hundreds of thousands of workers are immediately and indefinitely furloughed without pay. Again, your representatives will be rolling in dough while you can't pay the bills. 
  • This information is made available at Go check it out for yourselves. 
There are a few things you can do if you find this situation as despicable as I do. If you are without healthcare, please take this opportunity to begin finding the care you need and deserve under the affordable care act, which goes into effect today (October 1, 2013). Go to to find out how. You deserve affordable coverage. You deserved not to suffer. You deserve better than my friend got who lost his job in the banking industry, after nearly a year of unemployment fell seriously ill, delayed going to the doctors for fear of the expense under a tight budget, and was overwhelmed. He lived alone. He died alone. His body was discovered a week later. That death did not have to happen. We his friends and family did not need to grieve for him. Lash out against this uncaring House of Representatives and join the ranks of the insured. Your participation will strengthen the system and improve healthcare for everyone. Take a stand against hyper-individualism and a stand for a strong, supportive community. Act today and show these callous legislators you won't allow them to deny you coverage for their narrow ideological (twisted ideological) reasons. I was proud our paper ran an editorial by Vice President Joe Biden today about delivering health care in spite of Congress and its posturing. Leave the ranks of the tens of millions who are suffering, who have been unable to afford healthcare until now. At this moment, there are 53 plans to choose from. According to the Biden commentary, nearly 6 in 10 eligible Americans without insurance today will pay $100 a month or less for their health insurance. A family of 4 in Pennsylvania making $50,000 a year will be able to get coverage for as little as $209 a month. Considering I've paid the equivalent of a second mortgage many times to keep my family covered, that's a great deal. Take advantage of this and end the Republican attempt to deny you coverage. Please. Don't end up like my dead friend.

The next thing to do is use this link to find YOUR member of Congress and give him or her hell! Let them know their current behavior is reprehensible, spineless, and morally bankrupt and you are extremely angry:

If your representative is playing it cute like mine, you'll need the four digit extension on your Zip Code to leave an email. Here's where you can get that number:!input.action Don't let that little maneuver discourage you from writing. Be civil but firm, polite but extremely clear. Enough voices speaking at once do make a difference, whether they are backed by big bucks or not. Remember, 76 percent of all Americans stood against bombing Syria from drones and our war hawks backed down. We really do count ... IF and only IF we stand together and speak clearly and often! I'll let you know what I hear back from my representative! I'll post it right here on the blog for all to see.

Tomorrow I'll move on to issues of more lasting value to you all, dear readers. Today, I will seethe over what is happening with what is supposed to be OUR government, but which has currently been hijacked by extremists and those too spineless to stand against them.

Update, 10/1/13, 10:00 PM: In the first day, the Federal Government's Affordable Care Act website (mentioned above: was visited by 2.8 million Americans seeking healthcare. Hmmm. Seems more Americans like the idea than the Republicans want us to believe! That was just day one.

These House Republicans seem to be working toward a "brave new world" an economist recent wrote about, a future world I refuse to support:

For a pithy synopsis of how we got to this disgraceful moment in US history, see: Yeah, it's biased ... but then what in this blog post isn't?!

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