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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Black at Night: Not So Bright: A J.S. Brooks Public Service Announcement

Here's the situation. It's a dark night and you're out on the road in your local community. You're heading off between one town and another. There are few street lights. There is no moon. The sky is obscured with cloud cover turning everything outside the sweep of your headlights into Stygian gloom. Suddenly, coming into your field of view and much too close for comfort is a human form moving toward your car. The figure went unnoticed as he or she started into the street as the person was dressed in dark clothing. When first seen, the human is a shadow form, just suggesting itself to you as an obstacle seconds before a potential disaster occurs. You realize if that individual had kept coming, crossing into your path, you would not have recognized the danger until it was too late. Worse, this individual is standing in the center lane, that lane cars enter when they intend to pull into a house or business on the other side of the road. You shudder when you think what might have happened if you had needed to turn left ... and had realized a person in black was there far too late to react. 

This has happened to me far too often lately. It's unsettling to say the least. It is always dangerous. Dark clothing is common these days, especially in winter coats. So, please, before you head out along the byways of your town on foot, think about what you are wearing. Lighter would be better. If you need to cross a road, you might want to do it at a pedestrian crosswalk that is lit. Simply crossing the road wherever you like out there in the dark is a good way to get killed. Remember, not everyone out driving in the dark has the night vision of a cat. Many people driving in the gloom don't see as well at night as they used to. A great many more are distracted by their technology, perhaps texting when they shouldn't or fuming over what some pundit on the radio is squawking about. For your own sake, take some precautions. 

Yes, you do have the right of way as a pedestrian. That doesn't mean much if you can't be seen in the dark ... and it really will mean nothing at all if you're hit and lying on that road in the dead of night leaking vital fluids while the driver of the car that hit you either calls 911 in panic, seeks a phone if they don't have one, or drives off in terror, leaving you to your own fate. 

Please be safe. Don't become a crime scene and another sad story in the next day's news.

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