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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

iPad Photos In Tricky Lighting, An Experiment

I wanted to see what the iPad could do with photos under tricky lighting situations. The camera does fine in daylight. This is a little different. It's fun to experiment with. What follows are first the photos right out of the iPad and below are the same photos with a "little" Photoshop color adjustment. What kind of luck have you had?

Follow up: now seeing them together on the blog site, the original images that looked dull on the other system look fine and the adjusted photos that looked fine on the other system now look overdone. Interesting ...

First Planet I See Tonight

Reflected Sunset Off Eastern Clouds

Flames of Sunset

Long Sunset

First Planet I See Tonight 2
Reflected Sunlight Off Eastern Clouds 2
Long Sunset 2

Flames of Sunset 2

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