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Thursday, November 28, 2013

No Shop Thanksgiving ...

On Thanksgiving day, each year, do something countercultural. Don't shop. Say NO to shopping, to crowds, to joining the frantic mob, to driving clerks crazy this evening. Stay away from the stores offering the big discounts on Thanksgiving (there will be more discounts to come in the holiday season ahead ... and most of the objects on sale will be on sale again, they are mass produced after all and far from rare in most cases). These stores have chosen to open on one of the few holidays their workers get, one of those rare times their employees had to celebrate with their own families and friends. Many of these folks are working for minimum wage and this is how they are rewarded for sacricifing precious moments with those they hold most dear.

So, don't encourage this kind of behavior from merchants large and small. Let this one day be a day set aside for celebration with loved ones and friends ... not a day for rank consumerism. We have a whole bushelful of days like that all through the year.

Give your fellow men and women a break. Be countercultural on Thanksgiving. You might just find you like it.

Wishing you and yours the best for Thanksgiving ... and every day. 

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