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Friday, November 8, 2013

Prayers for the People of the Philippines Today

Image of Typhoon Haiyan bearing down on the Philippines, Nov. 6, 2013, 11:35 PM EDT.
Taken by MODIS instrument aboard NASA's Aqua satellite.
Image Credit: 
NASA Goddard MODIS Rapid Response Team
Our prayers today go out to the people of the Philippines who are being hit today by one of the most powerful typhoons on record, called a "super typhoon" by NASA. With maximum sustained winds of 195 m.p.h. and gusts to 235 m.p.h., there will be "catastrophic damage" according to one weather expert. There are not many structures out there that can withstand this kind of pounding. It looks like the capital, Manilia, will be spared, but many coastal areas will not. Towns and villages along the coast have been evacuated, moving over 125,000 people inland. We pray this was enough and that the storm will not reach the anticipated heights and destructive potential. We also pray for those in Vietnam who will be next hit by this storm and for all the crews of all the ships at sea that are in this storm's way.

Be safe all those in the path of the storm.

They say one of the chief characteristics of global warming will be more violent weather, both hot and cold, wind, rain, snow, sleet, whatever. Let's also pray we have not already sown the seeds of our own destruction in the years to come. I heard one report stating that in roughly 50 years many of the lowland areas on coasts will need to be abandoned in the face of increasingly savage weather. The population displacement and hardship will be massive, if this proves true.

Best of luck to you, people of the Philippines and Vietnam, and all fisher folk. To the rest of the world, be ready to help in the wake of this catastrophe.

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