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Monday, December 23, 2013

A Christmas Gift: Jesus, an Introduction for Those Who Are Curious

Over the years, I've written a few times about who Jesus is for me. My Christmas gift to you dear readers is to share a few of those articles. This compilation is far from complete as none ever could be. However, I think these articles will give you a sense of who it is Christians celebrate at both Christmas and Easter. There is a little irony here in that Christmas is the much bigger secular holiday, but for Christians, Easter is far more significant. Sorry, just an interesting little side note for me.

First, let's start with getting past a particularly hard stumbling block for may in John 14:6. Theologian Henri Nouwen has a friendlier take on that verse. See:

Now, you might turn to this article I wrote on Hub Pages. Again, not definitive, but hopefully helpful:

The next article is a writing exercise I used to show a Sunday School class how they might go about introducing Jesus to anyone (one far different from this right here):

It is suggested that you provide a personal story about Jesus when you want to introduce him to others. So, here it is in movie form: (Sorry, it's formatted to be friendly to Mac users at the moment. In time I'll make a copy for PCs.)

As a final gift, I heard a commentary by NPR's Chris Satullo entitled: As a Holy Day, Christmas Celebrates the Invasion of the Divine into the Mundane:  Well worth the read and has some interesting things to say about Jesus.

If you want to read more, try the Dictionary of Biblical Imagery. They have many pages under the heading, "Jesus, Images of." Then of course, there's always the Bible. Pick a translation that is approachable for you and engage with the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Pick up a commentary or three to help with the more challenging parts.

Have a very Merry Christmas. I hope you've enjoyed this little introduction to Jesus.

God bless you and may Jesus guide you on your way in 2014.

I'll be back after I spend some time worshiping and celebrating Jesus' birth this Christmas ... and visiting with family, sharing memories and gifts around the ol' tree, and all those other good things too.

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