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Friday, December 13, 2013

Children's Book Michael and the New Baby: Perfect Gift

Anxious about an upcoming holiday and what gifts to get? Concerned about the right birthday present? Want to get that nervous child who is becoming the big brother or sister a little something to make him or her feel special when that new baby comes home? Want to be the hero parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, favored neighbor, great friend of the family??? Michael and the New Baby will do all that FOR YOU!

For the reader, this book reassures the nervous child that all will be well when the new baby comes home. The things the older child fears most won't happen and what does will have its positive aspects. If the young reader you pick the book up for is NOT about to become the older sibling, that's fine. This is an adventure story any kid will love.

Michael, the new older brother, has to deal with all sorts of conflicted feelings. He has to struggle with feeling like he's been shoved aside for a newer kid. He worries about losing his stuff to his little sister. He's struggling with issues of sharing, burdened by all the negative stereotypes of older brothers and sisters he has seen in cartoons and movies, and much more. It impacts on Michael's attitude. He begins to say NO to everything anyone suggests to him based on his fears rather than his desires. As a result, he's whisked away to an island of creatures who always say NO to everything and there discovers for himself that his fears are groundless and to act on them just leads him to act as foolishly as the island's inhabitants.

In the end, Michael also discovers he is not alone in these negative feelings. In fact, he is in very good company.

It's a great book to read to a child or to allow the budding reader to read to you. Give it a try.

You can order the book through Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, or through the publisher. For the publishing, just click on any of the pictures from the book on the right hand side of this blog and the link will take you there. It's $12.95 and worth every penny. 

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