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Monday, December 30, 2013

Finding a Creative Way to Memorialize Loved Ones During Holidays

Over the summer, our grandmother died at the age of 98. Grandmom was our Christmas cookie maker. So, this year, two grand-daughters-in-law, and a grandson, stepped into very large shoes and took on the Christmas cookie baking. My brother made the two tone fudge (half chocolate and half butterscotch), my sister-in-law took on the lemon cookies with raspberry filling, and my wife handled the "Grandma cookies" (jelly filled) and the date pinwheels. All-in-all, this proved to be a wonderful way to celebrate the life and one of the contributions of our Grandmother that made Christmas what it has been for us as long as my brother and I can remember. It took three of us to recreate what our grandmother did all by herself over several weeks ... which only increased our respect for all she accomplished as a very talented and independent woman.

My brother remarked about what a wonderful and happy memorial this was, a tasty testament to a woman we miss but who is not forgotten. My wife has her cookbook now, the one from which those wonderful Christmas cookie recipes came. She's examining it carefully to see what other treasures we can recreate ... keeping a little more of Grandmom with us as the years roll forward.

My suggestion to you is to try to find some creative way to keep your recently departed loved ones near during the holiday seasons, which can be so difficult when you are grieving. You'll find your spirits lifted more than you imagined ... even if your waistline does suffer a bit in the process. That's what the new year is for, right?

As a final note, let me say this, there was so much memory wrapped up in that first smell and that first taste. I would not have believed it possible until it happened. Christmas past returned to Christmas present and we all agreed this newest tradition, this memorial to our grandmother, would continue into Christmas yet to come! 

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