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Monday, January 20, 2014

Adjusting Our Sights Seeking Habitable Planets ... Super Earth-like?

Not just right after all??? Image courtesy of NASA
Scientists have recently begun to consider whether we have our sights set too low when searching for habitable planets. Seeking earth-like worlds just might be too tame an approach. As science tends to do, it takes us out of center stage. The thought is that earth might not be the most life friendly type of world. We might be one of the outliers rather than the "just right" Goldilocks sort of world we have considered ourselves to be. Turns out larger worlds that are older orbiting cooler stars (that last longer) with many shallow seas rather than big, deep oceans might be better places for life. Older means they have more time to develop life. Those cooler burning stars last a lot longer than our sun and give life a much better chance to take deep roots. Shallow seas are hotbeds for developing lifeforms. Deep oceans ... not so much.

So, in the future, we may need to keep our eyes peeled for worlds even better than ours. Who knows what sort of life we may find there. With less challenging worlds, would those creatures be a lot more laid back than we are? Only time will tell.

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