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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Building a "Scrap-a-pult" Catapult ... What Else Could We Do???

Not pretty, but it gets the job done!
"Build a catapult."

That was the job our daughter had to do. It was for a physics class. She asked us, her parents, to help. It was a blast!

She had a rough plan for the mini launcher. I looked up more online. Then we stripped it down to the basics. My wife pulled together all of the needed materials from leftover scraps from previous projects that had been squirreled away in case they were ever useful. Who knew?

All three of us came up with ideas ... as we were building the catapult ... for the use of particular materials in unusual ways. It was inspiring. None of us singly could have gotten the job done as well, nor as quickly. Roughly an hour to an hour and a half after we had begun, we were testing our scrap wood, bungie cord propelled catapult with a small rubber ball ... much to our dog's delight, who chased down that little ball wherever it was thrown.

Madeline alone did the physics math for the problem related to the construction. My wife and I stood back and let her do that part alone ... we know our limits.

There was more surprise and delight in this little construction project than I would ever have imagined. It made me wonder what more of us could do with the scraps around the house. What could we build that might be helpful to our communities ... if we combined our knowledge, our skills, and our scraps? It could be something wonderful.

To see what one determined gardener did with scrap land in his LA community, see: That's one possibility.

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