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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cold Snap Begs Response

My family has just returned home from Christmas. It was wonderful. We feel recharged. Just in time to be warned about the upcoming cold snap for today and tomorrow. Our local government has issued a warning about the chill. Nighttime temperatures will drop to about 7 degrees ... cold for us, stop snickering you Western mountain folks!

This kind of warning calls for action from all of us, some kind of action suited to each of our abilities. For me, I am currently carrying small hand warmer packs in my car, 10 pack each carrying two chemical hand warmers that last 10 hours each. I keep an eye out for likely souls who look like they could use the help. So far, the postman, sanitation workers who collect our trash, and a couple of Salvation Army bell ringers (pre-Christmas) have received them. They've been glad for the help. I'm sure there are others in the next few days who will be able to use them as well.

Check in with neighbors who are elderly and/or in ill health. Make sure their houses are warm and they are safe in this killing cold weather. Keep your eyes open and help where you can.

With all of us responding with small helping hands, we might just be able to avert tragedies in our neighborhoods. We may preach individualism here in the US, but really, we're all in this together and can all, each and every one of us, at some time, use a helping hand.

Stay warm, stay safe, help others.

See you tomorrow. 

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