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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

More Good News for and from the International Space Station: The Five Minute Response

Cygnus Transport Grapple by ISS Robot Arm Courtesy of NASA
On Sunday, January 12, working from the cupola of the ISS, astronauts successfully grappled into place the Cygnus resupply module lofted by the private company Orbital Sciences. Between this firm and SpaceX, it appears the ISS is now well fixed for private contractors to send supplies and experiments their way for the next ten years. More than 2700 pounds of necessities and experiments arrived and the offloading proceeded with nary a leak or a hitch in sight.

New inhabitants arrived aboard the ISS in the Ant Forage Habitat Facility. We'll see if the industrious little critters can be as busy in 0 g. The new empty space aboard Cygnus won't remain that way for long. Over the next five weeks, it'll be loaded with trash to be burned up on the modules fiery descent on February 18.

This is excellent news for the ISS, for NASA's program to develop private space contractors, and for the business end of space exploration. 

That's the five minute response.

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