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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Writer's Corner: Laptop and Tablet Tag Team Excellence

In my new career, I need a lot of information at my fingertips for the writing I do and the administrative work. I have discovered that having the laptop and tablet working side by side works wonders. Each has its own strengths and each covers the others' weaknesses.

I use the laptop for the heavy lifting work:

  • Writing the manuscripts I need.
  • Storing and sorting the research material that goes into that writing.
  • Downloading and saving files transferred from office staff and outside sources.
  • Filing all the results of correspondence in easily accessible files for later use.
  • Storing large numbers of images for later use.
  • Holding the largest programs I need for my work.
  • Running the various podcasts I like to listen to when the work being done does not require deep thinking or creative writing as the laptop has excellent speakers.
  • Digital copy of a massive reference book with full research notes reside here for reference.

The tablet has other uses:

  • The final manuscript I will be working with when speaking to the public is carried on the tablet.
  • Last minute changes to that manuscript are handled on the tablet.
  • Fast email responses to various correspondents from the dedicated email site I set up just for the job are dashed off on the tablet. 
  • Quick reference research is done on the tablet, which is left open while I write and cross referenced without switching away from my Word document (most convenient).
  • A variety of news and information sites are kept here as Apps and referenced as needed.
  • My most often used email address (not the new business address) is checked from the tablet without taking me away from the work of the main computer. 
  • My calendar of upcoming events and my actions notes reside here to go with me everywhere.
  • Two copies of the massive reference book without the detailed research notes reside here for ready reference in the field, one quite colorful. 
With these two computers on my desk, work is done quickly, efficiently, and with more organization as I have become accustomed to which machine does what. With the laptop in front of me and the tablet to its right, I have all the information and computing power I could want for the jobs at hand. 

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