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Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Chapter Closes: Children's Book Michael and the New Baby Is No More ...

There have been many changes in this blogger's life recently. My title has gone from Mr. to Reverend. My work from publishing to pastor. And now another chapter closes. The children's book originally written to quell our son's fear of becoming the older brother (a job it performed brilliantly) and published not that long ago is being discontinued by the publisher. The sales never met our hopes. Neither publisher nor I could give the book the marketing attention it so richly deserved and so my experiment in children's fiction comes to an end. Another chapter closes, opening the possibilities for many new chapters to come.

This, while painful, is no great surprise. The promotion I could accomplish via this blog site never went anywhere. People visited. A few looked at the "Why You Should Buy This Book" material but far too few were ever convinced that it really was a book their child could use. When I realized this was the case, the blog site was reworked to reflect a different approach and life moved on. It will be retooled once more to remember the book that was and let it go at that.

So with great fondness and regret, I say goodbye to my one and only children's book. I'm pleased to have my own published copies. I'm pleased to know it holds a tiny place in the Library of Congress and a few households. Thanks to those of you who purchased a copy and those of you who considered doing so. You have my undying gratitude.

This is all part of the writing life. In the future I hope to write at least one or two more books ... perhaps more.  Probably no more children's fiction, however.

Now, let's move on together. On to other things. 

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