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Friday, February 21, 2014

New-ish Car Tech Allows for Resurrection of Old "Books on Tape" Tech: The Five Minute Response

I have a long commute with my new job. I also have a lot of old books on tape I could never quite bring myself to part with. My wife had one of the very last Walkman tape players to ever come on the market. I had a connection cable for my iPod to connect it to a jack conveniently installed in my car (the cable and the jack are the "new-ish" tech, in case you're wondering). I have pitifully few books on CD, which would play in the car's radio. The library's availability is limited and checking out books inconsistent.

Then I connected the dots. I have to praise the old technology of the Walkman and the cassette tapes. Both were stored (not intentionally but fortuitously) in cool places. The Walkman was battery free so the connections had not corroded with battery leakage. I was curious. I loaded the Walkman with AA batteries and ... lo and behold ... it works. Now, for a while at least, I'm going to and from work happily listening to old friends (books both fiction and non ... Forward the Foundation by Isaac Asimov for example) on cassette that make the drive more tolerable and keep my blood pressure low.

Sometimes it's good to hang onto that old technology. You just never know when the new tech will allow you to bring out the old tech once again ...

And that's the five minute response.

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