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Monday, March 10, 2014

Furious Following Cosmos Episode One: Response: Science, Religion, TIME OUT!

Use real imagery, folks! Come on! Courtesy of NASA and Cassini. 
Back in the last quarter of the twentieth century, I was disgusted when powerful religious groups sniveled that they were being picked on by big-bad society or big-bad science or big-bad government (some continue to do so and my disrespect for them remains strong). I was entirely repulsed by gigantic churches with massive followings whining that they were victims. Now, in the first quarter of the twenty-first century I am equally disgusted and repulsed that science in the new Cosmos series has taken up that sniveling whine with a long-and-wrong sequence concerning how mean the church was to a ... well, no, actually not a scientist but one of their own with a dream (the series admits he did not follow the rigors of scientific method) of a larger universe and larger God.

One thing I've always been entirely disgusted with is being lied about or lied to ... especially when it is done poorly. Bad research just makes me climb the walls.

Given the bad behavior of both religious organizations and scientific organizations (or at least science's biggest spokesman), I repeal all my calls of the past for the two to work together with their complementary strengths to make a better world, a kinder humanity, and a more fitting, smarter place to live. Instead, like any parent or teacher at the end of his/her rope, I declare a time out for both. Until both sides grow up enough to understand they BOTH come to the world with a sense of awe and wonder and BOTH have complementary spheres in which they can work ... basically until both sides can act like adults ... you both are in TIME OUT. Stay out of each other's backyards ... you simply don't know enough about each other's business to be there and you make fools of yourselves when you go there to tell poorly constructed tales of woe about the other guy/gal and how mean they are to you (boo hoo). GROW UP!

Right now I'm just too angry to give you a rational, detailed refutation of the inaccuracies in that animated snivel about how mean Christianity is ... so I'll let more level heads prevail. See this article at for a rational look on how off base the whole story was, and how off base the snivel over being picked on is, written in part by a Catholic and in part by an atheist, both who really know their stuff and don't whine I respect that.

Off the religious side, into the science, why use an animated opening tour of the solar system when we have such magnificent imagery from spacecraft we have sent to or past every single planet?! We even have a spacecraft now on the way to that non-planet Pluto. Seems mighty lazy to me and lacking in inspirational visuals for all those young minds you want to "inspire with science."

Here's hoping episode two can do better.

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