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Thursday, March 20, 2014

More Flexible, Less Tribal for Spring

Welcome to the first day of Spring--to the hope of receding snow, warmer weather, and new life. Welcome to the hope of new life for us all ... flexible, springy, broadminded, boundary busting, non-tribal life in all its glory. In other words, here's to warmer weather and a sunnier, more flexible humanity.

In this author's humble opinion, we humans are becoming far to brittle and tribal for our own good. We are becoming rigid over all sorts of issues (many quite bizarre if you step back and look objectively) and are busy telling everyone (loudly and with high technology) that if they don't believe like our little tribe believes then they are fools, terribly stupid, ridiculous fools! You hear it every day from a wide variety of groups, all of whom claim to have a lock on the truth even when their whatever it is cannot hope to cover all the truth available.  We may be able to communicate globally, but we're allowing our most primitive minds to take over and force us to think tribally. The tribal mind is happy with no more than 150 people in its group. Well, we live in a global community and our reach is far too vast and our power to great and there are just too many of us to let that little tribal mind rule the day.

If we continue down this path, death and destruction lie ahead. Much as the brittle tree shatters, falls, and dies in a wind storm, we are in danger of our spirits shattering, our societies falling, and far too many of us dying if we let this dangerous trend continue.

This Spring let's all practice a little flexibility. Keep your roots planted in the fertile grounds of your beliefs for sure, but be more like the grass or the reed and be willing to bend with others, listening to them, learning from them, working with them. Lower the boundaries, eliminate the tribes, deny the brittle tendency, refuse the tribal mind, and let's work together for a better tomorrow. Heading that way has to be better than where we appear to be headed now.

Have a flexible, tribe free Spring day.

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