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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Red Dwarfs Increase the Potential for Habitable Real Estate Yet Again!!!

Image Courtesy of NASA
The discoveries out there in the universe just keep getting more interesting and more exciting for a sci-fi geek raised on the Star Trek and (original) Star Wars universes ... along with the magnificent 2001: A Space Odyssey. Using the HARPS and UVES instruments of the European Southern Observatory in Chile, eight new planets orbiting red dwarf stars have been found. Better yet, three are "super earths" in the habitable zone.

We now have more stars than ever to search out for new life. These three worlds are in our own astronomical backyard. It looks like we have a whole lot of potential worlds all around us. Better yet, since red dwarf stars are the most common in the universe and the data suggests most of them will have planets, the opportunity for finding other habitable worlds has increased markedly.

Even more exciting (from an article last year) is that red dwarf stars burn slower and last longer than stars like our own sun. There are far greater stretches of time available on habitable worlds around red dwarfs to evolve intelligent life that is mightily advanced. Very exciting indeed.

So the planetary news just keeps getting better.

Now, if NASA could just get back into the business of send PEOPLE into space again ...

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