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Monday, March 31, 2014

Ridding Your Computer of the Unwanted Outfox TV Program

You were downloading some free program for your PC type computer. In my case it was a copy of Real Player. Read everything carefully when downloading such programs. Pause before checking any boxes that pop up during the installation process. One may be for a program called Outfox TV. You will feel outfoxed once it is settled into your computer. Don't feel too awful about it. In some cases, it enters unbidden, no boxes needing to be checked in the installation of the intended freeware.

Outfox TV puts up a tab on your search engines with various TV programs available and starts running immediately. It is truly annoying. Fortunately it is not actually a malicious virus (or unfortunately as your antivirus software protecting your computer might detect it otherwise and remove it). Unfortunately, it acts like one. It brings up an unwanted selection bar down one side of your screen as well. Worst of all, it cannot be easily removed. Every time I tried removing it with the standard uninstall program, it would get 3/4 of the way finished and stall out. It would say it was in the process of removing the program, but it would not actually remove the program.

So, checking online I discovered a number of solutions involving placing your computer in safe mode and rooting Outfox TV out, one system at a time. That was beyond any level of complexity I was comfortable working with on my computer. Ironically, another site told me of a free downloadable program ... a legit free program (I researched it), and my antivirus program assured me it was safe, called Revo Uninstaller. This program roots deep down into your computer and helps you remove all of this unwanted and annoying program. Be careful when you use Revo as later in the process you'll be asked to check (click) all the bolded items in the program tree, which are identified as Outfox TV, for removal. There is a select all button there that you do not want to use. Only check the bolded Outfox TV items. Otherwise, you could lose much more than you intended and have a brand new problem.

You can find both the free and professional version of Revo Uninstaller at

Good luck freeing your computer!

Update, 4/5/14: To rid your Google Chrome browser of the Outfox TV tab, go to the far right of the opening screen. Click on the 3 bar icon in the far right corner. Select Settings. Scroll to the bottom and select Advanced Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of Advanced Settings and click on Reset Browser Settings. So long Outfox TV! 

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