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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Georgia's New Gun Law ... Are We Truly Insane?

On April 23, 2014, Georgia's governor signed into law a bill allowing for guns to be carried in "some" school zones, churches, government buildings (watch the legislation you guys pass now), bars (there's a really good idea!),  and certain airports. Welcome to the new and ever increasing level of lunacy in these United States.

I will give you only one example of why this is wrong and ridiculous. In a friend's church, just the other day, during the funeral service for a 19 year old, gun shots rang out in the sanctuary. Several people were injured and everyone was traumatized during an already difficult situation. I suppose the thinking is that if everyone was armed to the teeth ... what, instant revenge and vigilante justice could be imposed within the walls of God's house? How many would be cut down in that crossfire? How obscene and stupid is this law? Very.

As to the argument, if more people were armed, fewer would die as gun violence would be deterred ... well, explain Fort Hood Military Base and it's two horrid shootings five years apart. You'd think a military base would be an extremely safe place, given this theory. Further, with all the guns on a battle field, by this way of thinking, no one should ever be injured.

Given the law passed in Georgia, I think I'll stay away from that state. I don't trust the leadership's ability to think straight and given this evidence of what passes for logic today, I really doubt any of us are safer. Sorry to piss you all off today but ... well, join the club.

At this point, I really do wonder about our sanity. 

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