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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I Continue to Back One Season TV Shows: Almost Human Gone ...

I have a long history of enjoying TV shows destined to be very short-lived. It all started when I was small with Jonny Quest, I guess. Almost Human is the most recent to fall to the block after a single season. Fox once again shows the same willingness to experiment with interesting shows that they did when they cancelled Firefly after a single season. Way to show spine guys! Woo hoo. Going to give us some shiny new reality TV show instead? Probably.

The series started with 9.2 million viewers and ended the season with 5.6 million, according to Meanwhile, your spiffy science resurrection Cosmos, which started with roughly the same initial numbers, although lower at 8.5 million, is sliding down the gravity well to 3.5 million. Looks like you're dropping the stronger performer, Fox. Why am I not surprised. Not that Cosmos would be back for a second season, either ...

Then again, I'm old school. I grew up with seeing all the episodes of a single season week after week, back to back, with no months of mid-season hiatus or multi-year disappearances. I'm not geared for those mentally and tend to assume other shows I like have fallen victim of the chopping block too, even if they are just "away" for some irregular period of time. Frankly, guys and gals in programming, my life is too busy to keep up with which odd month or year you plan to reintroduce the next "season" of some show or other.

So, keep up the "good" work folks. 

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