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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Near Death Experience with Family Dog

It has been a hard week, very hard indeed. This is Daisy, our beagle. We nearly lost her this week. It seems she managed to do something many dogs have done lately. ... But that would be getting ahead of myself. 

Monday was fine. We took Daisy for a long walk and played ball with her in the back yard. Everything was fine. 

Tuesday morning Daisy ate breakfast and became ill. She threw up multiple times during the day. That night she looked very bad and we wondered if she'd still be with us in the morning. 

Wednesday, we took Daisy to the vets. She was severely dehydrated. She was sent to an overnight facility for an iv and scans. 

Thursday, an operation would be needed to save Daisy's life. However, the facility required a rate that was far beyond anything we could hope to pay. We made the agonizing decision we would have to let Daisy go. I mourned her loss for two hours. If you've owned a dog, you know the pain is intense. Then my wife called. Another vet in another town could handle the procedure for far less ... FAR LESS. This expensive facility had suggested this alternative to my wife (we thank them for that kindness) and the operation was scheduled. Then I was informed. At this point, my emotional gears were completely stripped and I was exhausted. 

Friday, Daisy underwent surgery and came home, wearing a "cone of shame" if you've seen UP. We joked that we had an Easter resurrection dog on our hands here ... and after the pain and anguish we had been through we're not trying to be sacrilegious here, just trying to tell you how it felt to us. It gave me a better understanding about how the disciples felt after Jesus' death when he appeared to them in the locked room in the book of John. Seriously stripped mental gears there, no doubt about it.  

Saturday, Daisy returned to the vet and was seen to be making good progress. 

Sunday, continued improvement. Tomorrow we return to the vet for what is hoped to be the last time. 

Daisy had swallowed a length of ribbon. It lodged in her small intestine, causing swelling and preventing the passage of sustenance.  Many dogs swallow improbable things and need this surgery to survive. It is performed often. My suggestion to you: dog proof the lower levels of your rooms. Remove any small items that might be swallowed by your beloved pooch. Also, don't give up hope too soon. Ask about options from neighboring facilities if you are quoted a catastrophic price. There may be options. That way you can avoid the pain I went through. I wish you all the best with your pet and many, many happy years together. 

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