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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturn's Moon Enceladus May Be Best Candidate for Life Off Earth

Southern Polar Ocean of Enceladus as envisioned by NASA based on Cassini probe date.
Image courtesy of NASA
The Cassini space probe in orbit around Saturn, conducting multi-year studies of the complex system of rings and moon around the gas giant, plus the dynamic planet itself, through some fancy maneuvers has determined there is an ocean under the icy surface of the 300+ miles across moon. Having pondered the water geysering from the south pole, and what mechanism caused it, the tug on the passing spacecraft has led scientists to believe that there's an ocean under all that ice. There is a rocky core this ocean, all six miles deep of ocean, rubs up against with all sorts of potential for chemical reactions that could lead to life. With the plumes flying from the ocean, the right spacecraft with the proper sampling tools could perhaps determine if there was life in the ocean located 19 to 25 miles below the icy surface. It's worth a look if we ever get our national finances and politicians in order! Stay tuned.

For more, especially about critical elements found in the plumes that are essential for life, see the article from my friends at Universe Today:

For a nifty video about planets outside our solar system, see:

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