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Monday, April 28, 2014

Science and Religion Both Have Much to Offer ... Says Time Magazine

I was browsing through my Facebook page last night and came across an article from Time Magazine that was a breath of fresh air for me as a former archaeologist and current pastor. The article is entitled "Why Science Does Not Disprove God." It may be found here:

Take a look for yourself and see what you think. I agree with the Time author's conclusion that science and religion are two side of the same coin. Each has incredibly valuable insights to offer on living life to its fullest and answering many large and vexing questions. I take great inspiration from both ... until both sides start fighting each other like angry kindergartners out on the playground. I believe the fundamentalists on both sides ... religion and science ... do the world a great disservice by sniping at each other. It is a pissing match that is soiling all of us while they fight each other and it really needs to stop (see the comments following the article if you don't believe me). We are better than that. We are more mature than that. We really are.

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