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Monday, April 28, 2014

Star Trek TV Guide Souvenirs from The Next Generation and Voyager

I was clearing out the proverbial closet again when these old TV Guides came tumbling out. The first, a "Collector's Edition" (hint: whenever something calls itself that ... it really isn't), offering up a farewell to Star Trek: The Next Generation. It is dated May 14-20, 1994, and sold for 89 cents.

The next two are from 1994 and 1995 respectively, featuring information about Star Trek: Voyager. The price remains the same.

So, think back, Trekkers. Where were you when these things happened? Which Star Trek was the best, in your humble opinion. Which was the series you grew up with? Would you like to see the franchise return to TV ... or was Enterprise finally enough?

For me, I'd grown up with the original series in syndication on one of the early independent networks (Channel 20). I was an adult by the time The Next Generation came along. I'm equally fond of the first two series, although they show their age ... which is part of their charm for me. While I love the reboot in the movies ... I waffle on another series for TV. Again, how about you?

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