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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What Not to Do When Feeling Blue

When we are emotionally exhausted, physically weak, or just feeling a real case of the blues, that's no time to undo a decision made when in a better state. It is no time to act out, be reactionary, or follow our lesser natures with anger toward anything or anyone. Keep from burning bridges with others, walking away from an ongoing project or situation, or quitting until rested and more level headed.

Most of the time, when we are down, the responses we have will be sharply negative and colored with emotions so dark they are not to be trusted. Our fuzzy, hurting, perhaps weeping selves will be telling us tales of woe and viewing reality in a way so bent, we cannot put much stock into what we are receiving. In those times, wait it out. We also need to do for ourselves what we put off when we were feeling better. We need to rest, to stop pushing, to do something good for ourselves ... or something necessary if this state of mind and body goes on for too long. Get help if necessary. It is not a weak thing to do but a strong one, for it is hard to admit help is necessary, especially in a culture that has made an idol of self sufficiency and pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. Feeling this way, there is little strength for bootstrap pulling and we actually need the support of others to help ride this out and give us a little perspective our frazzled minds are incapable of producing.  

However, one thing we can do is file away the feelings and thoughts generated for review when feeling ourselves again. There may be some real issues in need of attention that came out during those dark hours or days. Thoughtful, well-planned action may be required ... in time.

Best of luck. Feel better soon.

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