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Thursday, April 10, 2014

What Tragedy of Flight MH370 Says About Technology and Trash

Before I begin, first let me say how much my heart goes out to all those waiting to hear with finality about what became of their friends and loved ones aboard the ill-fated, mysterious flight of Malaysian Airlines MH370. I pray for you all.

That said, this disaster tells us much about the state of our technology and, even worse, about just how all-pervasive our trash has become. In the first instance, we had come pretty close to thinking that in the Western world our technology allowed us to track anyone or anything anywhere. Then MH370 stops broadcasting and takes a sudden turn from the expected course ... and a Boeing 777 is lost. That's not a small aircraft ... but the world is huge and our technology is not as all encompassing as we might imagine. For some, this realization will be a relief ... for others a nightmare.

In the trash department, how many obscure locations have been fruitlessly searched for aircraft debris when something was observed floating in one remote location or another. What we quickly discovered to our dismay is that we humans have left debris of our throw away cultures everywhere in the world, no matter how isolated ... and some of it of considerable size.

We are headed for Earth Day this month. I think we might want to resolve to work harder to eliminate debris from our world more aggressively after this experience. Trash is like roaches. What you see is only a small piece of the problem.

Here's hoping this experience is humbling enough to motivate us to make a difference.

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