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Saturday, May 31, 2014

100 Million Planets with Complex Life in Milky Way

My friends at Universe Today passed along a study out of the University of Texas, El Paso, stating that our very own galaxy may harbor 100 million planets with complex life. That's not li'l microbes and stuff but multicellular, complicated life ... some of it even self aware. Now that's a lot of hopeful real estate for those of us passionate about the mysteries of life elsewhere in the universe. Now this is places where the conditions for complex life could be right, not where it is known to be. We haven't gotten that far yet. However, the good folks at SETI feel we will know in the next twenty years if life is to be found elsewhere in our galaxy. I'd say the math is one the side of finding that life somewhere.

Now, reaching out to anybody else out there is another matter. The galaxy alone is huge and we are small. Our spacecraft to date are slow ... it took Voyager decades to reach the outer limits of our own solar system. If we want to get out there and check for ourselves, we've got a lot of technological growth to do.

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