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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Are We Brave Enough to Be Meek? Good News From Christianity

In the Bible, followers of Jesus are called to be meek, like him. Now, today, society equates meekness with cowardice, a mousy timidity, lack of confidence, and weakness. Why would the Bible writers have called on us to act like that? Is that what Jesus did? The answer to the first question is, that writers are calling us to act far differently than that and the answer to the second is no, Jesus did not.

Meekness, as used biblically, means to be strong enough to have great self-control in the face of ever escalating provocation. Meekness is a powerful testimony of our faith. Meekness shows we are willing to follow Jesus, the one who values peace, justice, and love, even when people around us would wish us to do otherwise, and some will try hard to make us respond with violence and anger. It takes a great deal of courage to remain meek today. Each of us must ask ourselves if we are brave enough to embrace meekness.

In 1 Peter 3:13-18, the author calls us to be gentle, reverent witnesses to our faith, even in the face of provocation. In that way, our words and actions counter slander and libel thrown at us. We show a far better way of being. But, it requires courage and a sublimation of our natural tendency to lash out when provoked. How much better would the world be today if we all practiced meekness and a gentle, reverent witness?

Care to find out?

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